Painters and Painting on the Porcelain, Contemporary Porcelain Collection of the Latvian Painters at Zvartava Castle

Inese Brants


The goal of paper is to actualize the importance of Latvian Artit`s Contemporary Porcelain Collection of Zvartava in the Regional cultural meaning with context of Latvian art process development. Briefly characterizing the style of creative expression of the most prestigious Latvia painters compare with the distinctive characteristic features of the porcelain painting techniques. The art historian statements illustrate the painters' creative style of their artistic handwriting characteristic of paintings by period. Teachers experience by giving the Master classes of Porcelain Painting to famous Latvian artists grow up my practical experience of porcelain painting technical problems for painters. Visual materials contents from photographic images what was taken by me during the Porcelain Painting Symposia. Avant-garde, artistic, modern and free approach to porcelain painting is quite distinct from china industrial design and mass production. The Contemporary Porcelain Painting Collection of Latvia Artists Union in Zvartava castle lists also has no analogues in the world and may be considered to cultural phenomenon of the Latvia and world art scene.


contemporary Porcelain Painting Collection; Latvian painters; Celmiņa; Heinrihsone; Heinrihsons; Ivanovs; Krastiņa; Krivenkova; Maurīte; Zvārtava castle

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Ineses Brants fotoattēli: Nr. 1, Nr. 2, Nr. 3, Nr. 4, Nr. 5, Nr. 6, Nr. 7, Nr. 8, un Nr. 9.



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