Ludmila Agafonova, Aldis Jansons, Sarmīte Rancāne


Cultivation of cereal-papilionaceous grass crop mixtures allows for more substantial use of soil fertility and higher harvests than in case of homogeneous sowings. In mixed sowings, legume crops do not lodge; photosynthesis and nitrogenous fixation conditions are better; losses of harvest are lower. Our research is directed to examination of interrelations between peas, spring wheat and spring barley, as well as to high harvests, balanced in proteins and amino acids. Experiments were conducted in 2007-2008 in Skriveri, Latvia at the Research Institute of Agriculture. In the issue of studies established that not only has legume component increased cereals capacity, it has also improved its quality. Thus, conducted field experiments showed high efficiency of use of mixed cereal- legume mixtures, which becomes apparent in higher levels of farming productivity. The best indices in organic field conditions had mixtures of peas (20%), spring barley (40%) and spring wheat (40%), where noted high harvest and high content of protein, balanced in amino acids. Therefore, in planning cereal- legume agrophytocenosis, one should use three components: peas, spring barley and spring wheat.


amino acid; cereal- legume mixtures; organic farming

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.17770/etr2009vol1.1085


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