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Tomberg, T., Tallinn Technical University (Estonia)
Tomberg, Tonu, Tallinn Technical University (Estonia)
Tomchev, Petar, Technical University of Gabrovo (Bulgaria)
Tomchev, Peter Ivanov, Technical University – Gabrovo (Bulgaria)
Tomsons, E., Latvian State Institute of Wood Chemistry (Latvia)
Tongov, Manahil, Faculty of Industrial Technology, Technical University of Sofia (Bulgaria)
Tongov, Manahil, Technical University of Sofia (Bulgaria)
Tonisson, Andres, Estonian Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (Estonia)
Toomik, Arvi, Tallinn Pedagogical University (Estonia)
Toropovs, Nikolajs, Riga Technical University (Latvia)
Trashchenkov, Sergei, Pskov State University, Computer Science and Electric Power Engineering Faculty, Tallinn University of Technology, School of Engineering (Russian Federation)
Trashchenkov, Sergey, Pskov State University (Russian Federation)
Trashenkov, Sergei, Pskov State University (Russian Federation)
Treijs, J., Rezeknes Augstskola (Rezekne Higher Education Institution) (Latvia)
Treijs, Juris, Rezeknes Augstskola (Latvia)
Treijs, Juris, Rezekne Higher Education Institution (Latvia)
Treijs, Juris, Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Riga Technical University (Latvia)
Tretjakova, Rasma, Rezekne academy of Technologies (Latvia)
Tretjakova, Rasma, Faculty of Engineering, Rezekne Academy of Technologies (Latvia)
Tretjakova, Rasma, Rezekne Academy of Technologies, Faculty of Engineering, Research Center Chemical, Biology and Biotechnology (Latvia)
Tretjakova, Rasma, Rezeknes Augstskola (Latvia)
Trifonov, Sergey, Pskov State University (Russian Federation)
Trifonov, Sergey, Department of Physics, Faculty of Physics and Mathematics, Pskov State University (Russian Federation)
Trinkler, Laima, University of Latvia (Latvia)
Trumsina, Eva, Riga Technical University, Faculty of Material Science and Applied Chemistry, Institute of Design Technologies (Latvia)

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