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Seržane, R., Riga Technical University (Latvia)
Seržane, Rasma, Rīgas Tehniskā universitāte (Latvia)
Shakels, V., Latvian State Institute of Wood Chemistry (Latvia)
Shakels, Vadims, Latvian State Institute of Wood Chemistry (Latvia)
Shakhmenko, G., Riga Technical University (Latvia)
Shakhmenko, Genadij, Riga Technical University (Latvia)
Shakhmenko, Genadijs, Riga Technical University (Latvia)
Shapovalov, Viktor, Institute of Mechanics of Metal-Polymer Systems (Belarus)
Sharova, Julia N., Russian Academy of Science
Shashkina, Antonina, St.Petersburg State University of Film and Television (Russian Federation)
Sheludchenko, Lesia, Department of Ecology and Environmental Management, State Agrarian and  Engineering University in Podillia (Ukraine)
Shemanaev, Kirill, Russian State Hydrological Institute (SHI) (Russian Federation)
Shestakova, Jekaterina, Tallinn University of Technology (Estonia)
Shevchuk, Roman, Laboratory of Geodynamics Geophysical Center RAS, Moscow (Russian Federation)
Shishkin, A., Riga Technical University (Latvia)
Shiskin, Andrei, Riga Technical University (Latvia)
Shiskin, Andrei, Riga Technical University, Rudolfs Cimdins Riga Biomaterials Innovations and Development Centre (Latvia)
Shlat, Natalia, Institute of Education and Social Sciences, Pskov State University (Russian Federation)
Shmakov, Artem, The Altai Branch of the Russian Academy of National Economy and State Service Under the President of the Russian Federation (Russian Federation)
Shmigins, Ruslans, Latvia University of Agriculture (Latvia)
Shommet, Julia, Tallinn University of Technology, Department of Mining (Estonia)
Shommet, Julija, Tallinn University of Technology (Estonia)
Shootov, Artyom, Riga Technical University (Latvia)
Shpirt, Mikhail Ja., Fossil Fuel Institute (Russian Federation)
Shtennikov, Dmitry G., Faculty of Software Engineering and Computer Systems, Saint-Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics<em><br /> </em> (Russian Federation)

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