Ērika Žubule, Anita Puzule


Evaluating the role of the budget in economy we may declare that the budget process should favour the social economic development of the state. The aim of the research is to explore and evaluate theoretical aspects of the state budget process as a component of the state financial policy and to work out proposals for improvement of the state budget process, based on the theoretical and empirical findings. The main objectives of the research were to study the foreign economic scientific literature on the state budget process in the context of theoretical aspects, to study the impact of the state budget process on the financial policy and to work out proposals for the perfection of state budget process. Generally accepted research methods of economic analysis were used: the qualitative – studying the special literature, scientific publications, morphologic comparison, the logically constructive method, the method of synthesis. As there are different views on the significance of the state budget process in the organization of state finances, the authors have specified the definition of the concept of the state budget process in the context of economics. It will ensure a unified understanding of the budget process as an important mechanism of state finance management. Therefore, a more profound theoretical research study on the state budget process is important.


Budget process; government finance; state budget; state financial policy; state finance management

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