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Regional development problems are topical problems in all the countries around the world. The polycentric development of cities and their surroundings is the main way for solution of this problem. Attractiveness of cities has a direct correlation to their competitiveness. Taking into account that tourism is one of the development directions related to all the towns in Latgale region, the object of this article is research of the attractiveness of towns from the tourists’ point of view. The main question of this research: Are the regional linguocultural aspects capable to develop a unique tourism product and increase attractiveness of a city? Tourists from Latvia’s regions have been surveyed in the Rezekne. Results of this survey and conclusions related to the role of unique local culture in attractiveness of polycentric development cities are described in this article.


attractiveness; linguocultural aspects; polycentric development cities

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Baltic Sea Region (BSR) Programme. Priority 4. Promoting attractive and

competitive cities and regions

The most attractive cities of the world for living. The– most– attractive– cities– of– the–

world– for –living 4/19/2010.

ESF projekta Nr.2009/0227/1DP/ „Teritoriālās

identitātes lingvokultoroloģiskie un sociālekonomiskie aspekti Latgales

reģiona attīstībā” datu bāze.



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