Kristīne Niedre – Lathere, Alīda Samuseviča


Humankind is facing unprecedented revolutions, all our old stories are crumbling, and no new story has so far emerged to replace them. How can we prepare ourselves and our

children for a world of such unprecedented transformations and radical uncertainties. What and how should we teach a child that will help them survive and flourish in the 22nd century? What kind of skills will they need in order to get a job, understand what is happening around them and navigate the maze of life?

In the publication topicality of all participants’, involved in the educational process, distributed partnership and responsibility has been raised and characterized in the context of the education reform implementation – in transition to the education based on competences. The need for teachers’ professional activity in efficient provision of cooperation with parents and the society is especially emphasized, as well as topicality for new productive cooperation models, which provide an opportunity to increase the new generation and society’s demand qualitatively for a new education content, knowledge, values and competences that are able to guarantee a purposeful and sustainable development both on the individual and Latvian national level.


responsibility; education; competence approach; participation; cooperation; teacher; parents

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