Participation of Teachers and MA Students in the Study of Various Aspects of the Activity Level of Riga’s Residents in Solving Problems in Their Neighbourhoods

Larisa Abelite, Diana Zagulova, Llona Skuja, Alena Jakub


The article is devoted to the research work in the ERDF INTERREG IVA project CB5 "Creating attractive and dynamic society together with inhabitants" (CADDIES). The aim of the research work is to generalize the survey results of citizens in Latvia (Riga) for defining of social and economical factors, influencing social identity, place attachment and sense of community and for marking out the distinguishing features of mentioned above phenomenon for citizens from Latvia. The objects of investigation are practical aspects of social identity, place attachment and sense of community for citizens in Latvia. Sociological survey had been used. In general, there are mentioned all local actors to be important for being involved in neighbourhood development. Some aspects of citizens’ life were studied and the most effective involving methods were suggested for their participation in life improvement.


activity; citizens; environment; motivation; neighborhood; neighbors; place attachment; satisfaction with life; sense of community; social identity

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