Research Criteria andLlevels of the 7-year-old Children Social Adaptation in the 1st Grade

Līga Āboltiņa


In the 21st century it is important to every child to belong to a certain society, to learn its cultural values, its norms and requirements, thus socially adapting and integrating. The first weeks or months in school are considered as a period of particular importance in a 7-year-old child's life, when is the period of the child's social adaptation. A 7-year-old child’s further education at school can be predicted by depending on how the social adaptation of the 7-year-old child goes on, based on the legality of child development. Unfortunately, there are no unified research criteria developed so far in school practice by which it would be possible to determine the 7-year-old child's social adaptation. Taking into consideration the analysis of theoretical policies, there are research criteria groups and levels of children's social adaptation named and formulated within this paper, in order to explore the 7-year-old children's social adaptation and to provide appropriate educational support.


Adaptation; social adaptation; criteria groups of social adaption; levels of social adaptation

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