Tetiana Liakh, Nataliia Hevchuk


The research focuses on the identification of types of social and preventive work with women in women's consultations and maternity clinics to prevent abandonment of a newborn. The purpose of the research is to identify typical problems and needs of mothers in risk of abandoning a newborn. In the article, authors describe results of in-depth interviews of mothers who have been, or are at high risk of abandoning a newborn. Identified problems authors grouped into two main groups: psychological and social problems. In addition, the authors conducted a series of focus groups with health workers in delivery departments and women’s consultations, and as a result - suggested a categorization of factors influencing on abandoning a child in the first two years. These factors were grouped by the authors into two main categories: “personal” and “reference” factors. Further, based on expert survey of social workers, the authors developed recommendations for providing various social and preventive services to mothers who are willing to abandon a child. Developed recommendations reflect the following types of support: psychological support, social-pedagogical support, medical support and rehabilitation.



abandonment of a newborn; early motherhood; infancy; motherhood; prevention of child abandonment; social prevention; young child

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