Joseph Conrad – Interaction of Literature and Music


  • Mārīte Opincāne Rezekne Academy of Technologies (LV)



Chamber opera, compositions, impressions, influence, literary works, modernism, music, music tunes, novella, opera, semiotics, sounds


The aim of the paper is to investigate the role of music in Joseph Conrad’s life and works, as well as study the reflection of the writer’s writings in the works of the 20th and 21st centuries’ world composers. The research has been based on the synthesis of the different methods – biographical, historically- cultural, literary-historical and semiotical. The cultural layer of J. Conrad’s artistic world view is essential also in Latvian literature and culture, and it can be viewed in the context that is topical in modern Latvian literary theory. Research of the Western literary icons is topical at present. Excellent knowledge and comprehension of music influenced the development of J. Conrad as a personality and a writer. And the outstanding literary works of the modernist writer inspired the composers of the 20th and the 21st centuries all over the world to create the famous music compositions.


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