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  • Diana Apele Rezekne Academy of Technologies (LV)



Book, design, tendences, marketing, advertisment, art, publishing, cover


Nowadays, successful books cover design play a major role in selling books, but increasingly, book publishers use stereotypes and artistic expressions that can change their buyers, for example, using outworn natural sights, celebrity photos, or simply embodying clustering clippings. It is important to make the book noticeable, make design to interest and to “talk” with the client, to create an association or interest about the book, and, in the end, to buy it. Very often the book cover design concept helps to realize this aspect, which is closely related to consumer associations.

Aim of the article: To study and analyze the use of stereotypes and cliches in the book design of book covers.

Research methods used: theoretical: research and analysis of literature related to the sector and Internet resources.



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