• Ghada Bassioni Ain Shams University (EG)



adsorption, carboxylic acids, zeta potential


The adsorption of small organic anions like those of benzoate, tartrate, citrate and glutamate on Portland composite cements СЕМ II and CEM III can be influenced by the present limestone (industrial СаСОз). Therefore, the replacement of ordinary Portland cement СЕМ I is not a trivial matter, although using these materials reduces the cement production and hence the C02 emission providing the solution of an up-to date environmental problem. A systematic study is shown here by zeta potential determination on the CaC03 suspension containing the organic anions. The effect of increasing pH leas' further considered and correlated to the adsorption on CaC03 surface. The study gives an insight on the compatibility between cement and organic additives in presence of limestone that has very similar surface properties to cement.


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