• Eugene Solozhentsev Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation, St. Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation. Professor of the Institute of Business Technologies (RU)



total safety management, managed objects, business enterprises, economics, safety and quality criteria, event-related digital management, structural complex systems, new knowledge and tasks, invalidity, special software


The work forms a new breakthrough scientific trend in the management of safety and quality in the economics based on the introduction of new objects and management criteria, new knowledge and models, new tasks, special software and digital management.

The paper offers the new management objects: State authorities, socioeconomic systems and projects, process quality management in the socio-economic life of a person, the safe living space. We use the management criteria of safety and quality.

The paper introduces the new knowledge for management in economics: the methodology of safety and quality, new types of Boolean events-propositions, scenarios of systems failure, new types of logical-probabilistic models, results of research of various systems and educational program.

New management tasks are also considered, special software are described and the essence of digital management in economics is stated.



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License N 2556 of 09/05/2018 for the implementation of educational activities issued by the Committee on Education by the Government of St. Petersburg to SPIK SZMA Joint-Stock Company (the course “Event-related digital management of safety and quality in economics” by E. Solozhentsev).




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