• Kyrylo Smelyakov Software engineering department, Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics (UA)
  • Anastasiya Chupryna Software engineering department, Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics (UA)
  • Denys Sandrkin Software engineering department, Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics (UA)
  • Loreta Savulioniene Faculty of electronics and informatics, Vilniaus Kolegija/Higher Education Institution (LT)
  • Paulius Sakalys Faculty of electronics and informatics, Vilniaus Kolegija/Higher Education Institution (LT)



Digital Image, robotics, robot vision system, image enhancement, gradational correction


Robotics is one of the important trends in the current development of science and technology. Most modern robots and drones have their own vision system, including a video camera, which they use to take digital photos and video streams. These data are used to analyze the situation in the robot's camera field of view, as well as to determine a real-time robot's behavior algorithm. In this regard, the novelty of the paper is special polynomial mathematical model and method for adaptive gradational correction of a digital image. The proposed model and method make it possible to independently adjust to brightness scales and image formats and optimally perform gradational image correction in various lighting conditions. Thus, ensuring the efficiency of the entire subsequent cycle of image analysis in the robot's vision system. In addition, the paper presents the results of numerous experiments of such gradational correction for images of various classes, as well as conditions of reduced and increased levels of illumination of the field of view objects. Conclusions and recommendations are given regarding the practical application of the proposed model and method.


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