Comparing Two Models of Large-Scale White Sea Hydrodynamics and Thermal Dynamics


  • Ilya Chernov Petrozavodsk State University
  • Alexey Tolstikov Northern Water Problems Institute KRC RAS



Large-scale sea models, The white sea


To calculate the water temperature of the White Sea we used two models of large-scale hydro-and thermal dynamics, maintained by the authors. Comparing two models, we show that the first one describes summer hydrophysical conditions better, while the second model is better for winter conditions. Now we are trying to improve and combine two models in order to describe the state of the Sea more accurately.


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Author Biography

  • Ilya Chernov, Petrozavodsk State University
    Institute of Applied Mathematical Research KRC RAS


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I. Chernov and A. Tolstikov, “Comparing Two Models of Large-Scale White Sea Hydrodynamics and Thermal Dynamics”, ETR, vol. 1, pp. 13–16, Aug. 2015, doi: 10.17770/etr2013vol1.800.