Model of Radio Managing System for Electro Vehicles’ Accumulators Wireless Feeding


  • Hrayr Abrahamyan State Engineering University of Armenia, National Institute of Metrology (AM)
  • Arevik Sargsyan State Engineering University of Armenia, National Institute of Metrology (AM)
  • David Davtyan State Engineering University of Armenia (AM)
  • Harutyun Minasyan State Engineering University of Armenia (AM)



LabVIEW program package, electro vehicle, radio managing system, rectenna, resonant induction, wireless feeding


This article refers to studying of the system for wireless feeding of electro vehicles’ accumulators, and the description of it’s applicable efficiency. Preliminary design of the radio managing system is done. The electro vehicle feeding system is calculated for the freeway. By using LabVIEW program package model of radio managing system was designed.


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H. Abrahamyan, A. Sargsyan, D. Davtyan, and H. Minasyan, “Model of Radio Managing System for Electro Vehicles’ Accumulators Wireless Feeding”, ETR, vol. 2, pp. 93–96, Aug. 2015, doi: 10.17770/etr2013vol2.841.