• Ingrīda Šahta Riga Technical University
  • Ilze Baltiņa Riga Technical University
  • Madara Pūce The clothing designer in company "Eis"



Smart textiles, smart clothes, textile industry, ecology


Currently textiles are mainly produced in Asian countries. In Europe during the last years the textile production is sharply reduced. For the most part there are working those companies that have found a specific niche or flocked to the production of technical textile. Consequently, in Latvia the companies in this sector should also think about their products that could be able to compete on the open market. Textile with integrated electrical systems is a research area that combines innovations both in textile sector and electronics, as well as electrical engineering etc. The integration of Light emitting diodes in the textile products allows assigning of additional functions, such as the visibility on the street, or may serve as a fashion design. The paper provides analysis for applications of the opportunities of smart textile, the costs of production and materials, and the potential problems in the production process, as well as the possible ecological problems by manufacture, wear and recycling are also discussed. Some practical textile solutions with integrated electrical systems and LEDs are also offered.


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Author Biographies

  • Ingrīda Šahta, Riga Technical University
    Mg. sc. ing., researcher
  • Ilze Baltiņa, Riga Technical University, assoc.professor
  • Madara Pūce, The clothing designer in company "Eis"
    Mg. sc. ing.


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