• Inha Ziankova Economics, associate professor, Head of the Department of Economics, Management and Economic Theory, Polotsk State University, Polotsk (BY)



employment optimization, socio-economic labor relations, labor market


The article describes the socio-economic relations between individuals and institutions of the labor market on the subject of reaching an effective employment and development of productive labor that ensure efficient distribution of labor resources.

The article attempts to scientifically substantiate and develop a theory, methodology of employment and methodological support, conceptual frameworks of the formation of effective employment for the development of productive labor that ensure an efficient distribution of labor resources and endogenous economic growth in the Republic of Belarus.

In the study the following conceptual bases for the achievement of effective employment, productive labor, the efficient allocation of labor resources are proposed: it is proved that in the absence of technical changes, an increase in capital per employee does not bring about a steady increase in the growth rates of production per employee or per capita; it is noted that a high level of salaries can affect the growth of labor productivity stimulating the growth of capital relative to labor and also affect the growth of the unit cost of production and result in a decrease of jobs; it is noted that the reason for the efficiency distribution of the labor force is the size analysis of unit costs, profits and income; it is proved that the firms are not profitable to invest in workforce for the reason that the dominant investment is spent on consumption; the analysis of the structure of employment on the question of the optimal ratio of managers in relation to working hands is noted as one of the ways of achieving effective employment

The purpose of the research is to study the theoretical and methodological foundations of labor force employment in economically viable jobs and the mechanism of its effective distribution for inclusive economic growth.

The novelty of this study lies in the fact that the conceptual foundations of the theory of employment have been studied and scientifically substantiated. The fundamental prerequisites for the formation of the theory of employment and methodological basis of modeling the process of achieving effective employment have been identified and systematized.


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