• Aija Vonoga, scientific assistant, Rezekne Academy of Tehnologies, Rezekne



Business, company, entrepreneurship, innovation, start – up


The theme of this paper is ,,Start-ups – an Element for Economic Growth and Innovativeness”. Start-ups are innovation of entrepreneurship and a lot of press, scientific literature have articles on this term.  In the paper, the author reviews available definitions for the concept of  ,,start-up’’ in the literature. The aim of the research is the identification of main aspects of term ,,start-up”  and determination, analysis of the term in accordance with the requirements of the modern entrepreneurship and its development trends. Tasks of the paper: to find out the term meaning and main aspects of the term ,,start-up”; to analyze the ,,start-up”  impact on entrepreneurship; to develop  conclusions and suggestions. The key results: the author concludes that the start-up is a company designed to scale very quickly, the main aspect of start-up is its ability to grow, focused on solving a problem, where the solution is not obvious and success is not guaranteed. In articles and papers on start-ups each author suggests an interpretation of the concept according to his/her view. The author suggests the start-up companies to create presentations, organize seminars at the regional level, to introduce the public, stakeholders with the main issues in daily work, in order to help new founders to develop the companies.


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