• Ruta Surovcova, Rezekne Academy of Technologies, Rezekne (LV)
  • Sandra Murinska, assistant professor, leading researcher, Rezekne Academy of Technologies, Rezekne (LV)



image of National Guard, information environment, information flow, military discourse, National Guard


The aim of the paper is to research and analyze the features of the National Guard's image formation in the information space of Latvia. It is viewed within the framework of the study how the image of "the National Guard" and "a national guard" is constructed in the texts and how these constructs vary in the blog "Ivars Chiekurs and His Adventures" [in Latvian “Ivars Čiekurs un viņa piedzīvojumi”]. Eight blog posts are analyzed using discourse analysis. The criteria selected for analysis were the following: subject, attitude, comparisons, description, and action. The image of the National Guard on the blog "Ivars Chiekurs and His Adventures" is not unequivocal. On the one hand, the National Guard is a value and is seen as a panacea for any security threat. On the other hand, the National Guard is blamed for lying and maintaining myths, for not wanting to leave the comfort zone, taking the initiative and fighting to improve the training process and provision.


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