• Kristaps Gailis Mg. iur, lecturer, Rezekne Academy of Technologies (LV)
  • Juna Kjakšta Mg. iur, lecturer, Rezekne Academy of Technologies (LV)



dispute resolution, negotiations, negotiator, legal practice


The world around us is changing, but some spheres lag behind the changes. Jurisprudence has a long history with established traditions and values. It may be time to look at the values and compare them with the demands and lively dynamics of modern society. Therefore, this research is focused on finding out the role and importance of negotiation in jurisprudence in Latvia. As jurisprudence belongs to the social sciences, it is important to look at socio-historical aspects and analyse different author books and publications in the field. Thus, it could be concluded that the importance of negotiation has so far been underestimated. While the state is trying to make the legal system more effective, it does not pay sufficient attention to aspects that will make a real contribution. Therefore, it can be argued in this regard that for the success story sufficient attention to the importance of negotiation in jurisprudence is missing. So far, the art of negotiating relies solely on the personal qualities, charisma, and other subjective attributes of the negotiator him/herself.


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