• Irena Silinevica, professor of Rezekne Academy of Technologies, Rezekne (LV)
  • Laila Meirule Student of Master study programme “Information systems of electronic commerce” Rezekne Academy of Technologies, Rezekne (LV)



Z generation, labour force


There are five different generations in the Latvian labour market. Each generation has its own values and life experience. Recent research has shown that generation Z entering the labour market is significantly different from previous generations. They have different approaches when it comes to purchasing, choosing a career, working attitude, and so on. Therefore, research is needed to understand what changes this generation will bring to the business environment in the years to come. The aim of this  research study is to investigate some of the different aspects of generation Z behaviour in the labour market. 

This research study includes theoretical and empirical parts. Findings of various theoretical studies on distinctive values and attitudes of generation Z have been investigated. The empirical study compares the values of different generations and highlights the differences between the generations in the labour market. Recommendations are made for successful integration of generation Z into the business environment.


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