Gediminas Buciunas, Ilona Bulgakova


The aim of the research is to conduct comparative analysis to the Criminal Procedure Laws of the Republic of Lithuania, of the Republic of Latvia and the Ukraine on the rights of protection of disabled persons who became victims of criminal acts (crimes and misdemeanours). Some group of persons are more attractive target for criminals due to their physical or/and mental weakness. Disability is the one of main factors, that directly has impact on them, when accessing to justice - especially during pre-trial investigation stage of criminal procedure. The authors of the research paper are going to focus on disabled persons’ access to justice particularly during interview.         

The above mentioned issue points out the main objectives of the research:

  1. To describe disabled persons.
  2. To analyse international and national laws on protection of the rights of disabled persons as victims of criminal acts in criminal procedure.
  3. To identify the issues related to disabled persons’ access to justice, especially in criminal procedures.
  4. To propose suggestions, which could improve protection of the rights of disabled persons in criminal procedures.



criminal procedure law; criminal procedure law in Latvia; in Lithuania; in the Ukraine; disabled persons; justice

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