• Abror Juraev Bukhara State University
  • Tolib Sobirov Bukhara State University



content-based instruction, foreign languages, teaching methodologies


Recent years in higher education system of Uzbekistan witnessed deep reforms related with increasing the quality of education, better employment of graduates, improvement of foreign languages competences and strengthening the links in the knowledge triangle. When some universities started offering specialization courses in English or other languages, problem of matching objectives of the courses with the aim of improving English language competence came to agenda. The article depicts the situation at newly created Faculty of Tourism at Bukhara State University and the use of Content-Based Instruction in finding the solution. The new faculty consists of BA and MA degrees in fields related with Tourism, Hospitality, Economics, Fine Arts etc.

Author Biography

  • Abror Juraev, Bukhara State University
    ABROR JURAEV was born in Bukhara, Uzbekistan and graduated from Bukhara State University, wirth BA in Economcis degree in 2000 and MA in Macroeconomics degree in 2002. In 2010 he got PhD degree in International Economics. He has worked in the positions of Head of International Office, Head of Department of Tourism, Dean of the Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences. His scientific interests cover international economics, tourism, international finances. He has coordinated several Tempus and Erasmus Mundus projects, as well as cpacity building projects in Erasmus+ initiative. His e-mail address is:


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