Virtual Library of Cultural Heritage of Central Asian Turks in Written Sources of the XIX Century


  • Abbazbek Kasimbekov International Kazakh-Turkish University Named After Ahmet Yesevi
  • Elmira Alzhanova International Kazakh-Turkish University Named After Ahmet Yesevi



database, library corporate networks, methods, modules, algorithms and software systems, research and education information, virtual library


The purpose of this article is the creation of specialized databases virtual university unique full-text library of scientific and educational resources on the cultural heritage of the Central Asian Turks, which are reflected in the written sources of the XIX century and the development of a virtual environment through the establishment of an effective and efficient search of remote access to the necessary sources.

Author Biography

  • Abbazbek Kasimbekov, International Kazakh-Turkish University Named After Ahmet Yesevi
    доцент Международного казахско-турецкого университета имени Х.А.Яссави


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