5. Reviewers

5.1. Are experts of certain scientific fields.

5.2. Review the papers anonymously, adding constructive critics or suggestions, taking into account principles of ethics and scientific style, avoiding emotional, unjustified or abusive commentaries.

5.3. Evaluate the content of the papers objectively, according to the scientific article criteria, without regard to ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation, citizenship, religious beliefs or political views of authors.

5.4. Inform the editor, if there is a need to invite a specialist of another field, regarding the specificity of the article.

5.5. Keep confidential all the information related to submitted papers.

5.6. Promptly notify the editor/editor board if there is certainty or suspicion of plagiarism or copyright infringement.

5.7. Promptly notify the editor/editor board of the reasons that prevent them from performing a qualitative review in time or occurrence of the possible conflict of interests, asking to exempt them from reviewing.