4. Authors of original papers

4.1. Have the rights to submit original papers for publication in scientific proceedings, ensuring that the intellectual property rights will not be infringed according to the 14th, 15th articles of the Copyright law and other normative acts of the Republic of Latvia and international normative acts binding for the Republic of Latvia.

4.2. Provide authorship statements, affirming that there is no other person who would have any rights to their papers, their papers have not been previously published and are not under simultaneous consideration by other publications.

4.3. Provide accurate references for other authors’ pictures, citations, data and other materials used in the original manuscripts.

4.4. Are responsible for the validity of research results provided in their manuscripts.

4.5. Must not be guided by personal, ethnical, gender, sexual orientation, citizenship, religious or political criteria while discussing and analyzing research issues.

4.6. Providing research descriptions (especially in case studies) must obtain written consents to use personal information (personal data, creative works, photos, etc.) from human subjects (in case of children – their parents’ or caregivers’ consents) who are respondents of the research.

4.7. Undertake to notify the editor promptly, if a significant error has been found in the paper after the publishing.

4.8. Take all the necessary measures to ensure the requirements of the sponsors, if such are involved.

4.9. Take the sole responsibility and undertake to solve the matters independently at their own expenses and risk if any objections or demands from the third parties’ concerning the publishing or using the papers occur.

4.10. If the authors are acknowledged specialists of the certain scientific field, they have the rights to participate in the anonymous reviewing process of submitted papers of other authors.